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Coolsculpting: The Answer To Keeping The Weight Off After Lipo

Sometimes when you’re looking to change your whole body’s shape, you’ll need to do something dramatic like liposuction — but what if, even after you’ve gone through the surgery and lost all that way, your muffin top just keeps coming back? You don’t want to run back to your plastic surgeon constantly to redo the procedure, and you’re doing your best to eat healthy and stay active, but you just can’t keep those love handles off. It seems like you’ll either have to keep getting the surgery over and over again, or you’ll just have to live with a little bit of a belly forever.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make that either/or choice. There is a third option, a compromise between the two, and it is called coolsculpting. It’s a non-intrusive, effective procedure that specifically targets fat cells in your body to eliminate them from around your belly quickly and easily.



With many fat-removal procedures, it’s too easy to remove other useful tissue in the process of trying to eliminate those pesky fat cells. You then need to give your body time to heal and rebuild those cells that were damaged by accident. Unfortunately, that gives your fat cells a chance to rebuild too. It seems counterproductive.

Coolsculpting, on the other hand, was developed by scientists to target fat cells — and fat cells alone. The patented cooling process literally freezes out those cells. They die and remove themselves from your body naturally. Meanwhile, your skin, bone, and muscle cells remain healthy and untouched. As the dead fat cells cleanse themselves from your body, the rest of your cells keep doing exactly what they’re meant to do.


The coolsculpting process takes very little time and requires very little recovery. A treatment lasts around one hour, so you can schedule an appointment over a lunch or dinner break or swing by after work. Unlike scheduling surgery, which requires that you have plenty of recovery time after the procedure, you can get coolsculpting done in the morning and be back at work before lunch! Discuss the idea with your doctor and ask for a recommendation to a center that offers the procedure.

You will see some results right away after your treatment, although it may take a few months for the full effect to come into play. That’s because coolsculpting allows your body to eliminate the fat cells naturally, without using pills or supplements to rush it along. If, after those few months, there’s still excess fat you’d like to get rid of, just discuss it with your doctor again and you can schedule another appointment until you look and feel exactly as healthy as you want.

Coolsculpting is an excellent way to keep off that excess weight. Keeping up an active lifestyle and eating nutritionally can help a lot, but sometimes your body needs a little push to get it to where you’d like it to be, and coolsculpting can do just that. For more on this treatment, check out this Prive Aesthetics Coolsculpting Specialist in Singapore.

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Exploring the Ideal Face Shape for Women

While definitions of beauty may be prone to subjective interpretations, there are actually scientifically determined aspects that genetically predispose a woman’s inherent facial attractiveness. Due to humanity’s innate uniqueness, every lady has a completely original set of features. There are several ideals of aesthetic appeal that can be epitomized by different ethnic groups, but the overall prerequisites for visual allure are universally evident. This guide demystifies the biological elements of a female’s face to reveal the traits that are instinctually deemed as the most pleasing for human eyes.


Skeletal Structure

Roundness naturally accentuates feminine curvature, so a circular face is automatically seen as enticing. Symmetry is the key point to consider in the skeletal frame. Angulation must be minimized, especially since any protrusion will generate an unnecessarily masculine demeanor. Narrowness of the jaw-line is eschewed by modern standards in favor of a girly semicircle. The chin should accentuate the roundness by being as subtle as possible. An ideal facial contour is both slender and sumptuous. If features are identical on the left and right, then primal feminine beauty will be maximized.


Eye Placement

Horizontally, the eyes should define the exact center of the cranium. This deceptive proportion is immediately observable among the most beautiful ladies in history. Similarly, there should be an appropriate amount of distance between the two eyes. This gives ample room to show off a stunning crescent brow ridge. Luxuriously long lashes are a highly sought after amenity, and wide eyes are typically perceived as being associated with increased receptivity. Clearly visible pupils will unconsciously lead to improved odds of being romantically approached.


Aesthetics of the Nose

Globally, variety comes into play specifically regarding a lady’s nose. Western societies emphasize the importance of a narrow tip, but most other cultures are infatuated with a rounder button shape. Ultimately, the nose is a centerpiece, and its role is found in providing a lovely intersection for all the facial characteristics to mesh. There are many ways to accomplish this, and the nose has an uncanny skill to express a dynamically original personality. As long as it is centered, this defining piece will create one-of-a-kind divine elegance.


Surface Details

Full lips are desirable across the cultural spectrum. A plump pout exemplifies sex appeal. Because teeth maintain the overall evenness of a woman’s face, straight dentures are also a natural plus. A steady hair-line is unanimously welcomed and appreciated. Cheeks are preferably low and wide; meanwhile, dimples are controversial among women, but they imply an extra quality of happy softness that is essential for an attractive face. Men absolutely adore this smooth surface that exudes a sensuous plush.



Luckily, every lady can quell her exterior concerns by pursuing revolutionary new options. A full facial metamorphosis can be acquired through a transcendental V face shape treatment. Mild structural shifts can be seamlessly gained with the proper care. Beauty centers like Prive Aesthetics – V Shape Therapy can help any woman reach her pinnacle of beauty. With painlessly simple procedures, a girl can actualize her gorgeous potential.


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New Types of Breast Implants Now Available in Singapore Aesthetic Clinics

Women now have more options available to them than ever when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Continuous innovation in breast augmentation gives women the opportunity to hand-pick the most ideal implant to meet her needs. An aesthetic doctor in Singapore consults with clients to find the best breast augmentation for her individual’s scenario.

Overview of the three types of breast implants available 
A person can elect to have one of two types of breast implants. A woman can choose to have a silicone or gel implant for their implants. For a more natural feel, the silicone gel implants may be chosen. The saline implants are often selected for a heightened level of firmness. Breasts can be smooth or have a textured feel to them. Contoured implants create a natural, comfortable shape for the woman. Women who desire a more symmetrical and perfect shape can choose a rounded implant style.


Introducing the gummy bear implant 
While silicone and saline are the main types of implants available for the person, there are variations of implants available to the woman. One recent development in breast implants is the “gummy bear” implant. The reference comes from how the silicone-filled implant retains its shape when it is cut open. The gel bits contained in the implant do not shift and remain fully intact when they are cut. The implants provide a more natural feel to the woman. The gummy bear breast implant is touted as being more durable because it is least likely to rupture.

The memory shape implant option 
Recently approved in the United States, the Memory Shape breast implant comes in several varieties. Traditional types include the saline and the silicone implant. A new teardrop breast implant is also an option in that it provides a natural silhouette that complements the woman’s body, giving it a more natural appearance.

An aesthetic doctor in Singapore can consult with the woman to answer any questions about the type of implant options available (also learn about The Risks of Breast Augmentation). Women can select the type of implant they want based on texture, shape, firmness and durability preferences after consulting an aesthetic doctor in Singapore.


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