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The Complete Skin Care Guide for Asian Men

Asian skin is unique. It is more sensitive than other ethnicities, scars more easily, is prone to dark spots andhyperpigmentation, and loses moisture easily. Although most women are conscious about their skin care regimes, Asian males must pay attention to the products they use as well. If you are a man of Asian descent who wants great skin, here is a complete guide that includes tips and advice specifically designed for this group.


Tend to Enlarged Pores

Asian skin is known to have enlarged pores, which often become clogged. When this occurs, skin looks rough. To remedy the situation, you should use a men’s facial wash that lifts grime and restores skin’s natural oil balance. You should exfoliate each day as well.



Prevent and Eliminate Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

With age, Asian skin is known to develop dark spots. To prevent this problem, it is smart to wear sunscreen each day.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by the extra production of melanin. Since Asian skin has more melanin than Caucasian skin, hyperpigmentation occurs frequently. To eliminate the issue, you should use a product that safely lightens the dark areas and evens overall tone.



Ease Sensitive Skin After Shaving

Most Asian men have sensitive skin that becomes easily irritated after shaving with a straight razor. If you suffer from redness, you want something that soothes your face. It is wise to use a gentle and fragrance-free after shave balm so that pH balance is maintained. Breakouts will be kept to a minimum as well.

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Avoid Dry Skin

If you are like most Asian men, you often find your face feeling dry. Certain studies have shown Transepidermal Water Loss Values are highest in Asians. This represents the amount of water lost through the skin during normal conditions. To keep moisture at an adequate level, hydration is key. For this reason, using a moisturizer for men in Singapore is extremely common.


Be Good to Your Hair

Asian hair is usually straight and thick, so oil from your scalp travels quickly. To combat this problem, you should use a men’s shampoo that is light and contains natural ingredients. Items like fruit acids, sage, and rosemary make good astringents that fight oily hair. If your hair is extremely greasy, you should completely skip the conditioner.

Both men and women must follow a proper skin care routine to maintain a pleasing appearance. The above items should be part of your arsenal of products that are used to keep your Asian skin looking and feeling refreshed.


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4 Tips to Disguise Your Receding Hairline

For many people, their hair is their “crowning glory,” but when that “crown” begins thinning, or worse yet receding, there is little glory left there. A receding or thinning hairline is one of the biggest blows to his self-confidence a man or woman can take, and any number of causes may be to blame.

However, spot baldness, the pesky genetic cause of a receding hairline, is one of the biggest concerns to both men and women alike. In any case, though, there are a number of ways to deal with the issue without turning to the dreaded comb over. If you are dealing with a receding or thinning hairline, consider these tips for reducing hair loss and making the most of the hair you have.


1. Get a Good Cut

disguise hairIf you want to disguise your hairline, the best thing you can do first is to get a good haircut. The right style will help hide your hairline and make it appear as if you have more hair than you really do. Be sure to avoid styles that are currently trending with the hair or bangs pushed up in the front. Instead, go with a more traditionally masculine style that is close to the head and just a bit messy. The texture with this rough style will add some volume to your hair, and the fact that it’s cut close to your head will help minimize the look of thinning.


2. Style Right

Classy-Mens-HairstylesEven if you have a good base cut, you’ll still need to take the time to style your hair well, too. If you’re drying your hair, be sure to blow dry the hair flat on top of your head to help cover thinning areas. Then, focus on styling only the shaft of the hair, so the base remains well covered. Avoid using gel, as it can make the hair appear see through. Instead, use a light mousse to create volume and texture in your hair.


3. Avoid Overwashing

wash shampoo

It is common to want to wash your hair frequently to maintain the appearance of the hair that you do have; however, washing too often can actually contribute to additional hair loss and can even make the hair appear thinner as clean hair is harder to style and set in place. Try washing your hair every other day or every couple of days, and use a dry shampoo to absorb any oil and add texture to your hair on days you don’t wash it.


4. Watch Your Diet

While it may seem like your diet has little to do with your hair, it actually can contribute significantly to hair growth. A diet high and protein with all of the nutrients that your body needs will allow your whole body to function better, including stimulating hair growth. You may want to consider taking a multivitamin as well to make up for any nutritional deficiencies in your diet.

Receding hairline is nothing to be ashamed of though it can do a number to your self-confidence. Use these tips to disguise thinning hair and embrace your look.

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Here Are The Healthiest Drinks To Bring To The Gym

There are millions of people around the world that go to the gym every day. Exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy and lean throughout a life time. One of the most essential parts of exercise is post workout nutrition. There are many different thoughts around this subject, but the general agreement is that our bodies need some sort of fuel after working out. There are many different healthy drinks that you can bring to the gym to help you both before and after your workout.


healthiest drink gym


Whey Protein

whey proteinWhey protein is one of the most pure forms of protein that anyone can take. There are many different people that will drink whey protein within the post workout window of their workout. This is generally consider to be 30 to 60 minutes after completing a workout. Anyone that is taking whey protein should remember that only one or two scoops contain 50 grams of protein per serving. Whey protein has been shown to repair muscles quickly and efficiently. The 100 Plus isotonic drink is a great example of a tasty drink that uses this ingredient. Always remember to take whey protein in moderation and after a workout.


Chocolate Milk

There are many studies that show chocolate milk is one of the best drinks to take in after a workout. Chocolate milk has a great combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat that can help fuel the body after a long workout. Anyone that wants to have a balanced post workout diet should consider adding chocolate milk. For those that are concerned about the sugar intake, there are several low sugar chocolate milk options that still taste great. The nutrient combination that is in chocolate milk is a great way to recover from a hard workout. In addition, there are many vitamins and minerals that can help a person stay healthy throughout the year.


chocolate milk post workout


100 Plus isotonic drink

100 plus isotonicThe 100 Plus isotonic drink is one of the best options for people that workout heavy and on a regular basis. This is not the drink for the casual lifter. There are hundreds of calories per serving that are designed to help a person recover from a workout that was long and hard. At the end of the day, this is a drink for someone that has worked out for at least one hour at a time. Anyone that does not workout heavy enough runs the risk of putting on bad weight over time.


Final Thoughts

There are many options for those that want to put the healthiest drinks in to their body after a workout. It is important to be able to identify the drinks that will help you recover quickly from a workout. Although there are many different options to choose from, it is important to pick those that best align with your workout style and budget. If you choose a certain drink, it is important that you follow the instructions and serving size recommendations.

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5 Key Nutrient Groups For Fabulous Hair and Nails

If you’re seeking a way to grow thicker, healthier hair, there are a few key nutrients you’ll want to seek out for you daily diet. Two amino acids essential for the production and maintenance of hair, nails, and skin are often included in targeted vitamin supplements for hair and skin. While such an additional supplement may enhance your success, including foods that contain these amino acids is also important.



Amino Acid Supplements

Hair is an extension of our skin, as are finger and toenails. To improve the health of one, you should seek supplements that contain vitamins and proteins essential for maintaining all of them. Methionine, a crucial amino acid for the formation of strong hair and nails, is responsible for the formation of cartilage and connective tissues in the body as well as the transformation of homocysteine from meat. It is often featured in combination with Biotin—or vitamin H—and B Complexes in supplements intended to improve skin, hair, and nails.


B Complex for Health

B vitamins, in large part, are essential for maintaining clear skin, strong nails, and full, healthy hair. B Complex supplements, which have B3, B6, and B12, may help in addition to seeking out food sources rich in these nutrients. They act in conjunction with certain amino acids to produce linking chains of sulphur, which are essential in the formation of keratin, from which our hair and nails build themselves.


Antioxidant Vitamins

Vitamin supplements for hair and skin will often contain vitamin C, which is responsible for reducing inflammation, flushing away dead or damaged cells, and promoting cell wall integrity. Oil soluble vitamins—E, D, A, and K—should be taken in strict moderation. Unlike the water-soluble antioxidants, these are oil soluble; any excess is stored in fat and you can actually overdose yourself. Adhere strictly to recommended levels of intake. Topical solutions of vitamin E variants or tocopherols have been shown to produce a marked improvement in hair, skin, and nail health. These naturally occurring nutrients are found in abundant supply in olive oil and avocado, which means you can put them on your hair for a natural spa treatment and eat them, too.






This mineral, while essential to promoting immune system health, is also a vital contributor to healthy skin, hair, and nails. You should seek out vitamin supplements containing advised levels of zinc, or include foods in your diet, which are rich sources. These range from red meat to poultry and seafood, some cereals, eggs, and dairy products, so it shouldn’t be too difficult, unless you’ve chosen a strict vegan lifestyle.


One note of caution should be observed. Excess consumption of zinc can lessen the vital impacts of copper, iron, and calcium in the body. A telltale sign that you’ve taken too much is stomach discomfort and digestive upset.


Fatty Acids

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are increasingly noted to play roles in the formation of healthy skin, nails, and hair. Research indicates that they also reduce inflammation and promote strong cell walls, improve cardiovascular and neurological functions, and regulate the insulin-blood glucose balance, making these healthy fats an important part of your diet.

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Omega 3 is most commonly found in fish or seafood, such as salmon, tuna, krill, and shellfish. Omega 6 is a plant-based essential fatty acid and can be obtained in rich amounts from flax seeds and other botanicals. Supplements for both of these oils are widely available, if you cannot obtain them from your diet, but you should be cautious and adhere to recommended levels to avoid complications associated with excessive consumption.

While thin hair or poor skin can be a factor in negative self-image, it can also be a sign of nutrient deficiency or serious illness. In reference to the former, most of the nutrients mentioned above can help to balance such deficiencies, and are commonly available as a vitamin supplement. However, be conscious of what your body is telling you as you improve your overall health with good, whole foods and dietary supplements. If your hair, skin, and nails continue to form with less than robust results after several months, consult a physician to look for signs of digestive disorders, diabetes, and even heart disease.


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Psycho-Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight: The Easy Tips Trainers and Nutritionists Don’t Tell You

Anyone who has struggled with their weight can tell you just how difficult it is to get those pounds off. Sure, you must exercise and eat healthy but there’s so much more than that which goes into losing weight. Check out some weight loss tips below that you’ve probably never even thought of:




1. Leave Yourself Motivational Notes

Too many times people who want to lose weight just forget about what they’re supposed to be doing. Whether that is going to the gym after work or hitting up your local weight loss program in Singapore, these are important steps in dropping the unwanted pounds. With these sticky notes, though, they’ll be reminders to do what needs to be done. Also, they’ll serve as the motivation you need to keep going.


You can write inspirational quotes on them and place them in areas that you may be tempted to give up on your weight loss journey like in the kitchen.




2. Buy Flattering Workout Clothes

To stay confident and motivated in this weight loss journey, you need to both look and feel good. In fact, if you have gym clothes that really flatter your body, you are much more likely to keep your regular workout routine. That’s because these clothes are making you feel good about your image.

Also, if you have the money, you should get a full makeover while you’re at it. That’s because building up your confidence now will really help you stay on track here.


3. Put Together a Separate Snack Station

While in an ideal world we would have our kitchens completely stocked up with only healthy foods, that’s certainly not the case in most households. That’s because unless you’re living alone, it’s hard to stop those around you from eating these temptation foods.

7dae79d73149b7e5dd8ca0707d164e79To combat this problem, you should keep a whole separate section in both your fridge and cabinets that is just for you. You should also spend roughly an hour or so every week preparing fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks. This will make it easier to grab these foods and take them with you on-the-go.


4. Reward Yourself

Losing weight is a big deal which is why you should treat yourself right every time you hit a big milestone. For instance, maybe purchase a new handbag every time you lose 5 pounds. Then, for every 10 pounds lost, you can hit up your local spa for a day of pampering.


These are all fun ways to truly reward yourself for a job well done as well as keep yourself motivated to continue working out.


5.Come Up with a “Workout Only” Playlist

Music is often seen as a motivating force and that is especially true when it comes to working out. Running or any other kind of exercise is a time to escape the realities of life and just focus on the task ahead. That’s why to keep yourself from giving up on your weight loss journey, put together a playlist that is only for your workouts.


These need to be songs that pump you up and leave you feeling energized. With these playlists, you will look forward to exercising more knowing that you have new songs coming your way. 


6. Keep Your Swimsuit Out Year Round

Grab your bikini or swimsuit and place it in a spot where you can see it every day. This includes the winter months when you’re covered up in turtleneck sweaters and jeans.

4d94f0f65e5f780565b8a9ebc085b7cdThat’s because those months tend to be when we let ourselves go a bit more than usual. With the swimsuit out in plain sight, you’ll work hard to fit into it so that you’re ready for those days under the sun.


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4 Best Vitamin Supplements for Women

With supplements, a woman can live a longer and healthier life. While true, it’s easy to waste money and buy ones that don’t work or cause more harm than good. On the other hand, with the right supplements, one will enjoy a host of benefits. With this in mind, here are the four best vitamin supplements for women.

Iron: Plenty of people, especially women, end up with low iron. Think about it, if a person is suffering from fatigue or general health problems, he or she will want to consider iron supplements. This is especially true for vegans and vegetarians. Luckily, with iron supplements, a woman can support her immune system and gain strength. Remember, as people change their diets, they can’t forget about iron as it helps one stay healthy, strong and happy.

Calcium: As women age, they can end up with low-bone density. This will cause a host of health problems. Not only that, in the future, with low calcium, a woman may end up breaking her bones. To prevent this, plenty of people drink milk, which is fortified with this vitamin. Sadly, this does little to help one strengthen their bones. Since most people don’t eat the ideal diet, it’s wise to consider calcium supplements as they help a woman gain strength and keep her bones in shape.

Vitamin A: Often overlooked, vitamin A is essential, and it helps a woman in a myriad of ways. First and foremost, with vitamin A, one can enjoy healthy eyes and skin. Not only that, with this vital ingredient, a woman can enjoy a healthier immune system. Sadly, plenty of people think they get enough of this vital nutrition in their diets. In reality, this is not the case for most people. Luckily, with a small dose of this vitamin, one can enjoy a healthy and happy life, all without worry.

Vitamin D: Finally, when looking to keep bones healthy, people forget about Vitamin D. While they often think of calcium, they neglect this important one. For this reason, women of all ages, and especially older women, need to consider vitamin D supplements. With this, one can enjoy a healthy immune system and reduce inflammation, which is important for older women.

Without a doubt, these four vitamin supplements for women can help one live a healthy, happy and active life. Otherwise, when a woman avoids supplements, she will suffer in the long run.




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Vision Health: Applying Lasik Surgery to Correct Myopia

What is Myopia
Myopia, commonly known as near-sightedness is a common condition of the eye that enables patients to see clearly up close, but objects in the distance are unclear. The condition is caused by an over lengthened eyeball or a cornea with too much curvature. High myopia refers to cases where correction requires -6.00 diopters or more and is also referred to as degenerative myopia or pathological myopia. In cases of high myopia, the eye usually stabilizes at 20 to 30 years of age but can increase the occurrence of retinal detachment, degenerative disease of the retina, glaucoma, vitreous floaters and cataracts.


What is Lasik
Lasik surgery is used to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It is performed by first applying anesthetic drops into the eye. The surgeon then begins reshaping the cornea by cutting a hinged flap off the surface of the cornea. The flap is folded back revealing the stroma and the tissues are then vaporized with a laser. Subsequently, the flap is replaced which instantly attaches to the eyeball. The reattachment is inspected for any air bubbles or fine debris. A perforated metal or plastic sheet is then applied over the eye to protect the flap. The procedure is generally done on an outpatient basis and lasts only 10 to 15 minutes per eye. Functional vision is obtained instantaneously and one to three months are allowed for vision stabilization. Patients may be discharged with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops and dark glasses. Follow up appointments are designed to check for under correction or over correction and to make any enhancements if necessary.

Watch this video and learn the process of Epi Lasik



Does Lasik Surgery Correct Myopia? 
Patients with myopia or high myopia who wish to be free from glasses or contacts are usually great candidates for Lasik. A myopia guide is available for interested patients and information can be found on Some basic requirements must be met for potential Lasik surgery candidates. Generally, patients should be at least 18 years old, not pregnant, presenting with myopia of less than 1500 degrees, presenting with hyperopia of less than 400 degrees, free from eye injury or infection and without any significant power increase in the last year.

Lasik surgery is available to most patients with myopia (Also read Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Lasik Surgery). It is a safe and fast procedure that is frequently performed and causes little discomfort. Lasik surgery allows patients to free themselves from the hassle and expense of glasses and contacts.


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Is The Cheapest Lasik Surgery a Reasonable Option?

Everyone wants to have 20/20 vision. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with it. People have struggled through years of broken glasses and uncomfortable contacts, just to be able to have better vision, and see the way everyone else does. This is where Lasik surgery comes in. Lasik surgery allows doctors to correct your vision, so that you will no longer need to wear glasses or contacts. This procedure is very quick and painless.

Reasons Why Lasik Surgery Is A Better Substitute To Better Vision:
Lasik surgery costs can be very expensive though. Many insurance plans do not cover vision correction surgery. This leaves the cost of the surgery entirely up to you. More and more people are seeking out the help of doctors overseas who charge much less for their services.

Having laser eye surgery in Singapore will still give you the quality surgery procedure that you are looking for, without the high costs that you would have to pay elsewhere. Whether you have near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism, the doctors in Singapore will be able to correct all of these conditions.

You can visit to find a Lasik clinic that would match your specific needs. This is a free website which is chock full of information for all of the Lasik clinics throughout Singapore. They have been in business since 2008 and are an extremely reliable website. They also give you the information that you need to find the cheapest Lasik surgery clinic in Singapore.

By visiting, you will be able to do as much research as you need to before you make that final decision to get Lasik surgery. By going to Singapore you will definitely be able to find the cheapest Lasik surgery clinic, while keeping your Lasik surgery costs down. You can even speak directly to an expert who will be able to answer all of the questions you might have.

If you look through the website you will also notice that there is a pricing guide for all of the clinics. The guide was just updated in July of 2012, but to be sure you may want to give the clinic a call to make sure their prices haven’t changed. If you are uncomfortable calling the clinic directly then you can ask one of the experts on the website to find out the information for you. No matter what your budget may be, there is a clinic out there that is right for you.


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Revolutionary Myopia Treatments in Singapore

Who wants to live with a bothersome eye condition like myopia when there is an available treatment that promises great efficacy in correcting the problem in the area of Singapore?

Myopia is a medical condition where the sufferer is able to see close objects well, but objects that are farther away may appear blurred. Myopia sufferers have a lot of difficulty reading road signs, but these individuals are able to read books and use computers without any problems. This condition is mostly hereditary and it progresses with age, although some people report that their vision improved by early adulthood. (Read: How To Preserve and Maintain Good Eyesight)

After eye clinics in Singapore were established in 1993 such as: the Clear-Vision Eye Clinic and Lasik Centre, individuals who suffer from vision problems like myopia do not have to carry anymore the burden of wearing unwanted glasses nor contact lenses in order to improve their eyesight. Eye clinics in Singapore offer the most innovative treatments in the field of Ophthalmology, and Lasik-surgery is one of the most popular procedures requested by clients. Lasik-surgery is a type of surgery that helps to improve the vision by changing the shape of the cornea using an eximer laser to remove the tissue from the corneal stroma. Then, the surgeon proceeds to lift the thin layer of the epithelium with a blade by using a solution containing alcohol.

Epi-LASIK is an advanced, surface based, laser vision surgery available at Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to every procedure, and most patients who undergo Lasik surgery experience some discomfort in the eyes, which improves a few weeks after surgery when the epithelium starts to heal. Also, some complications may arise such as: double vision, incomplete cutting of flap, flap folding, gas bubble formation below cornea, infection, Dry Eye Syndrome, or accidental flap displacement a few years after surgery.

Before anybody considers to get treated for any eye condition like myopia, many factors must be taken into consideration in order to guarantee the safety of the procedure. For instance, people under the age of 18, pregnant women, those who have myopia less than 1,500 degrees, far-sightedness less than 500 degrees, astigmatism less than 400 degrees, or anybody with other diseases or conditions are not good candidates for Lasik- surgery. provides handful information in terms of the different treatments available for those who suffer from vision problems like myopia. In addition to this, the staff who works for eye clinics in Singapore is always happy to assist customers by providing a complete myopia guide that will answer every question related to the condition. At the same time, patients will have a complete understanding as to how Lasik-surgery can help restore the vision.



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Early Prevention of Childhood Myopia

Myopia is an eye condition that let’s you see anything close to you very clear but if you should look further ahead of that you are going to see nothing but a blurred vision. The reason myopia happens to some children is because their eye might be slightly longer than the other. This does affect children and adults and the number of people is strongly increasing. Over the past thirty years myopia has increased sixty six percent. It’s not getting any better, if anything it is getting worse.

There are methods of slowing this down or preventing the progression of it but that would be only for the younger child. Myopia treatment is designed to prevent any progression and development and this is going to require eye examinations to start at a young age and continue with yearly exams. No specific treatment is going to work but if you start having eye exams as early in life as six months old then three years of age and then right before grade school, this sort of myopia treatment might prevent any potential benefit from starting early. Eyeglasses or contacts might help as a myopia treatment.

As a child is starting school, he is going to start developing blurred vision. If his parents are myopic, it is most likely that he will be the same. If the child does spend time outside and even if his parents have childhood myopia he is less likely to get this and if the child reads a lot, it is going to be better for him. Nearsightedness is going to progress as the child gets older but you can correct that with eyeglasses and it should stabilize as the child is in his twenties.
Some say that nearsightedness is cause by genetics. If a child does lots of close up work this is going to have an influence on whether or not the child will have a problem with nearsightedness.

When objects in the distance appear blurred this is called short-sightedness. This may happen if the cornea is too curved therefore the eye is not going to focus on any light and go back to the retina. Short-sightedness means that you can see in the distance but not as much as you should be able to. The child can get short-sightedness if they were to get diabetes at a young age. Short-sightedness treatment would be corrective glasses. Others might choose contact lenses for short-sightedness treatment. Surgery is going to be the last short-sightedness treatment you might want to look into.

What is Short sight or Myopia? It remedies

A few years ago they found that if they used a specified eye drop it did slow down the progression of childhood myopia. Now they are studying whether or not shortsightedness control and myopia control will be found. With this type of research the shortsightedness control and the myopia control can take about two or three years. This is still good news and might even help stop childhood myopia. This does look promising but researches are still doing their research but to have short-sightedness control and myopia control almost slowing down is great news for anyone suffering from this.

If a person has high myopia, it can be very damaging and cause retinal detachment that can cause complete blindness because of the stress put on the eye. The symptoms of high myopia are headaches, squinting and eye tiredness when reading and even when driving. Laser eye surgery might be able to help those with high myopia but that can produce another set of problems for the eyes.

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