New Types of Breast Implants Now Available in Singapore Aesthetic Clinics

Women now have more options available to them than ever when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Continuous innovation in breast augmentation gives women the opportunity to hand-pick the most ideal implant to meet her needs. An aesthetic doctor in Singapore consults with clients to find the best breast augmentation for her individual’s scenario.

Overview of the three types of breast implants available 
A person can elect to have one of two types of breast implants. A woman can choose to have a silicone or gel implant for their implants. For a more natural feel, the silicone gel implants may be chosen. The saline implants are often selected for a heightened level of firmness. Breasts can be smooth or have a textured feel to them. Contoured implants create a natural, comfortable shape for the woman. Women who desire a more symmetrical and perfect shape can choose a rounded implant style.


Introducing the gummy bear implant 
While silicone and saline are the main types of implants available for the person, there are variations of implants available to the woman. One recent development in breast implants is the “gummy bear” implant. The reference comes from how the silicone-filled implant retains its shape when it is cut open. The gel bits contained in the implant do not shift and remain fully intact when they are cut. The implants provide a more natural feel to the woman. The gummy bear breast implant is touted as being more durable because it is least likely to rupture.

The memory shape implant option 
Recently approved in the United States, the Memory Shape breast implant comes in several varieties. Traditional types include the saline and the silicone implant. A new teardrop breast implant is also an option in that it provides a natural silhouette that complements the woman’s body, giving it a more natural appearance.

An aesthetic doctor in Singapore can consult with the woman to answer any questions about the type of implant options available (also learn about The Risks of Breast Augmentation). Women can select the type of implant they want based on texture, shape, firmness and durability preferences after consulting an aesthetic doctor in Singapore.