New Types of Breast Implants Now Available in Singapore Aesthetic Clinics

Women now have more options available to them than ever when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Continuous innovation in breast augmentation gives women the opportunity to hand-pick the most ideal implant to meet her needs. An aesthetic doctor in Singapore consults with clients to find the best breast augmentation for her individual’s scenario.

Overview of the three types of breast implants available 
A person can elect to have one of two types of breast implants. A woman can choose to have a silicone or gel implant for their implants. For a more natural feel, the silicone gel implants may be chosen. The saline implants are often selected for a heightened level of firmness. Breasts can be smooth or have a textured feel to them. Contoured implants create a natural, comfortable shape for the woman. Women who desire a more symmetrical and perfect shape can choose a rounded implant style.


Introducing the gummy bear implant 
While silicone and saline are the main types of implants available for the person, there are variations of implants available to the woman. One recent development in breast implants is the “gummy bear” implant. The reference comes from how the silicone-filled implant retains its shape when it is cut open. The gel bits contained in the implant do not shift and remain fully intact when they are cut. The implants provide a more natural feel to the woman. The gummy bear breast implant is touted as being more durable because it is least likely to rupture.

The memory shape implant option 
Recently approved in the United States, the Memory Shape breast implant comes in several varieties. Traditional types include the saline and the silicone implant. A new teardrop breast implant is also an option in that it provides a natural silhouette that complements the woman’s body, giving it a more natural appearance.

An aesthetic doctor in Singapore can consult with the woman to answer any questions about the type of implant options available (also learn about The Risks of Breast Augmentation). Women can select the type of implant they want based on texture, shape, firmness and durability preferences after consulting an aesthetic doctor in Singapore.


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How to Treat Baby Eczema

Approximately one out of every ten infants during their first months of life develop patches of irritated skin known as baby eczema. Parents who notice patches of skin that have some degree of redness, as well as are dry and rough to the touch and make baby feel itchy should take some simple yet effective steps to treat this common medical condition in infants.



This type of skin irritation most often develops in a baby’s arm and leg joints as well as on their cheeks. Although there is no one definitive reason as to why eczema develops on infants, it is thought to be a reaction of the child’s immune system to any variety of factors, including stress, sweat, heat, and the use of soaps, detergents and certain ingredients in lotions and creams used in baby’s daily routine. A child whose mother or father is susceptible to eczema is also likely to develop it.

It’s first of all very helpful to take steps to prevent baby’s skin from becoming dry by using a quality moisturizing agent and maintaining proper humidity levels in the home’s environment. Use soaps and cleansers that are hypo-allergenic. For washing baby’s clothing, avoid detergents using perfumes and opt for washing baby’s outfits in mild, unscented detergents. Choose clothing that is smooth and soft like cotton rather than scratchy fabrics like wool or fabrics that don’t breathe such as polyester, provide fresh clothing daily and choose clothes that fit loosely over irritated skin. Discuss dietary choices with your pediatrician if the eczema does not clear up on its own as certain food choices tend to irritate and prolong episodes of eczema.

There are several effective treatments for baby eczema. Bathing your infant in lukewarm water can help to alleviate itching, followed by the application of a fragrance-free moisturizer to help with dry skin. Keep baths short, limited to no more than 10 minutes. Adding oatmeal to the bath water often eases baby’s itchy feeling. There are safe over the counter creams and lotions containing steroids available at your local pharmacy that can be applied topically as directed onto the eczema for faster healing. Any topical creams should be applied while the skin is still moist.

If your baby’s eczema doesn’t respond to home treatment methods, or blisters develop under the skin, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss obtaining stronger prescription medication or antibiotics to fight off any infection.

Also Try Out DIY Face Mask – Skin Treatments at Home

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4 Popular Anti Aging Tips From Dr. Oz

Age management is one of the hottest topics in health today. There is nothing that can be done to stop the natural aging process, but there are things that can done to slow down the aging process. Below are some anti aging tips from leading US physician and celebrity doctor, Dr. Oz:

Take Anti-Aging Supplements 
Getting the right nutrients is one of the most important things that you can do to slow down the aging process. However, if you are like a-lot of people, then you probably are not getting all of the nutrients that you need from your diet. Vitamin D3 is one of the supplements that you should consider adding to your regime. This nutrient helps lower inflammation and boost the immune system. It also helps reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Magnesium is another supplement that you should consider adding to your regime. It helps reduce the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is better known as the stress hormone. Magnesium also helps reduce blood pressure.

Furthermore, you should consider taking a multivitamin every day. You should take half of the multivitamin in the morning and half of it at night. If you are looking for a good place to get anti aging treatments, then you should consider looking at aesthetic clinics like

Manage Stress 
Stress is a part of life, but it is important for you to know how to cope with it. Chronic stress can speed up the aging process. It can also increase the risk of serious health problems. Getting a massage, reading and meditating are some of the things that you can do to manage your stress.

Get Moving 
If you sit more than two hours per day, then you can increase your chance of developing type 2 diabetes by seven percent. You also increase your risk of heart disease by 25 percent. Those may be some scary things to hear, but you can cut your chances of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease by getting more physical activity in your day. Physical activity not only reduces your risk of developing serious problems, but it also helps keep your bones strong.

Get More Sleep 
Far too many people treat sleep like a luxury. However, if you sleep less than six hours per night, then you can increase your risk of developing heart disease. Sleep deprivation can also lead to sugar cravings. That is why you should try to get between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep at night.

Did You Know: Get Firm Skin Through Facelift Without Surgery

Dr Oz Supermodel Anti-Aging Secrets & Tamanu Oil

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Is The Cheapest Lasik Surgery a Reasonable Option?

Everyone wants to have 20/20 vision. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with it. People have struggled through years of broken glasses and uncomfortable contacts, just to be able to have better vision, and see the way everyone else does. This is where Lasik surgery comes in. Lasik surgery allows doctors to correct your vision, so that you will no longer need to wear glasses or contacts. This procedure is very quick and painless.

Reasons Why Lasik Surgery Is A Better Substitute To Better Vision:
Lasik surgery costs can be very expensive though. Many insurance plans do not cover vision correction surgery. This leaves the cost of the surgery entirely up to you. More and more people are seeking out the help of doctors overseas who charge much less for their services.

Having laser eye surgery in Singapore will still give you the quality surgery procedure that you are looking for, without the high costs that you would have to pay elsewhere. Whether you have near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism, the doctors in Singapore will be able to correct all of these conditions.

You can visit to find a Lasik clinic that would match your specific needs. This is a free website which is chock full of information for all of the Lasik clinics throughout Singapore. They have been in business since 2008 and are an extremely reliable website. They also give you the information that you need to find the cheapest Lasik surgery clinic in Singapore.

By visiting, you will be able to do as much research as you need to before you make that final decision to get Lasik surgery. By going to Singapore you will definitely be able to find the cheapest Lasik surgery clinic, while keeping your Lasik surgery costs down. You can even speak directly to an expert who will be able to answer all of the questions you might have.

If you look through the website you will also notice that there is a pricing guide for all of the clinics. The guide was just updated in July of 2012, but to be sure you may want to give the clinic a call to make sure their prices haven’t changed. If you are uncomfortable calling the clinic directly then you can ask one of the experts on the website to find out the information for you. No matter what your budget may be, there is a clinic out there that is right for you.


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Ways to Avoid Common Joint Pains

Pain in the joints is quite common today. If your are experiencing knee joint pain from a previous knee injury, hip pain or any other pain in your joints, then you will be happy to know there are ways to avoid common joint pains. Regular exercise will increase blood flow to joints and muscles and can alleviate minor pain in your joints. Maintaining healthy bones and joints is important and it’s an effective way to delay early symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis.

If you are new to exercising, then you should start off gradually. Moving your joints daily is important because the more blood that flows to your muscles and joints is the best ways to avoid common joint pains. The best exercise to start out with is walking. Even if you are experiencing hip pain or knee pain, taking a light walk around the block ever day could prove to be the best way to alleviate any pain you have in your joints. Don’t expect instant results, but you should definitely feel a difference in just a week of light walking. A lack of exercise over long periods of time is one of the top causes for common pain experienced in the joints.

Besides exercising, there are many ways to avoid common pain found in your joints. Whether you have hip, elbow or knee joint pain, you will find the short list below helpful in avoiding pain in your joints:

Balanced diet – Exercising alone isn’t enough to maintain strong joints and muscles. Eating foods or taking supplements that contain protein, calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin is vital for strengthening joints, and the ligaments and tendons that surround them.

Maintain your ideal weight – Losing a few extra pounds can lighten the load off a hip or knee injury enough to alleviate the pain from your joints.

Stop Smoking – Research has shown that smoking may deteriorate cartilage around joints, which could be a cause of pain in your joints.

Alternative therapies – If you’ve suffered from constant pain in your joints, then you may want to try acupuncture, deep muscle massage, chiropractic, psychotherapy or osteopathic therapy to get relief.

Whatever methods mentioned above you may try, you want to keep track of your elbow, hip or knee pain. Note the date, time and days of the week when trying these ways to avoid common joint pains. Rate your pain before and after. Use a simple scale from 1-10 to identify the best methods that bring you relief from the pain in your joints. For more information, you may consult

Do You Know The Common Causes of Shoulder Pain? CLICK to investigate.

Sacroiliac joint pain and dysfunction can be confused with other conditions that arises from the spine and the hip. Not only can these conditions be overlapped, but they can be associated causing low back pain.

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Anti Aging Treatments at Prive Clinic

Men and women all over the world look for products and procedures that will help them look their best. To provide the services these people want, there are a number of new clinics opening up around the world, which offer their clients cosmetic procedures. The treatments available at Prive Clinic include procedures for the face and body. The more common procedures for the face include laser treatments and peels. The use of lasers in the field of beauty is becoming more commonplace. The laser can reshape and redefine areas in a much quicker manner than traditional surgery.

Blogger Claire at Prive for Laser White Face Therapy

Reshaping the face as an anti aging procedure can also include the use of dermal fillers. These fillers are liquid agents injected underneath the top layer of the skin. The filler is injected into areas where wrinkles and lines are to plump up the underlying tissue. The added fullness removes the crevice created by the wrinkle which in turn smoothens out the surface of the skin. The dermal fillers are also safer to use than having standard medical facelifts. The medical facelifts are also available at cosmetic clinics which employ trained professionals.

Some clinics also offer their clients services in age management. These services can include consultation with experts in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetology. Managing the signs of age can often include hormone related therapies. As people age, their hormones change, which can often lead to areas of dry skin. Hormone replacement therapy can often fix the problems older people have with their skin so it looks younger and smoother. Therapy designed to help manage the signs of aging can also include therapies for stress. A stress test can help technicians determine the levels of stress hormones in the body which could be attributing to certain health risks.

People who want younger more supple skin can also benefit from the different treatments available for the face. The skin on the face is exposed to more external pollutants than the skin on the body. Facial skin that is beginning to show signs of dryness or stiffness can be rejuvenated with a specially formulated facial mask. In some cases, the skin can be given a whitening treatment to bring back its natural radiant glow. Tired looking skin can also be rejuvenated by having a deep cleansing scrub or the application of an exfoliant to remove old and dead skin cells. 

You may also like to learn about Psychological Effects of Breast Enhancement Surgeries

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Revolutionary Myopia Treatments in Singapore

Who wants to live with a bothersome eye condition like myopia when there is an available treatment that promises great efficacy in correcting the problem in the area of Singapore?

Myopia is a medical condition where the sufferer is able to see close objects well, but objects that are farther away may appear blurred. Myopia sufferers have a lot of difficulty reading road signs, but these individuals are able to read books and use computers without any problems. This condition is mostly hereditary and it progresses with age, although some people report that their vision improved by early adulthood. (Read: How To Preserve and Maintain Good Eyesight)

After eye clinics in Singapore were established in 1993 such as: the Clear-Vision Eye Clinic and Lasik Centre, individuals who suffer from vision problems like myopia do not have to carry anymore the burden of wearing unwanted glasses nor contact lenses in order to improve their eyesight. Eye clinics in Singapore offer the most innovative treatments in the field of Ophthalmology, and Lasik-surgery is one of the most popular procedures requested by clients. Lasik-surgery is a type of surgery that helps to improve the vision by changing the shape of the cornea using an eximer laser to remove the tissue from the corneal stroma. Then, the surgeon proceeds to lift the thin layer of the epithelium with a blade by using a solution containing alcohol.

Epi-LASIK is an advanced, surface based, laser vision surgery available at Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to every procedure, and most patients who undergo Lasik surgery experience some discomfort in the eyes, which improves a few weeks after surgery when the epithelium starts to heal. Also, some complications may arise such as: double vision, incomplete cutting of flap, flap folding, gas bubble formation below cornea, infection, Dry Eye Syndrome, or accidental flap displacement a few years after surgery.

Before anybody considers to get treated for any eye condition like myopia, many factors must be taken into consideration in order to guarantee the safety of the procedure. For instance, people under the age of 18, pregnant women, those who have myopia less than 1,500 degrees, far-sightedness less than 500 degrees, astigmatism less than 400 degrees, or anybody with other diseases or conditions are not good candidates for Lasik- surgery. provides handful information in terms of the different treatments available for those who suffer from vision problems like myopia. In addition to this, the staff who works for eye clinics in Singapore is always happy to assist customers by providing a complete myopia guide that will answer every question related to the condition. At the same time, patients will have a complete understanding as to how Lasik-surgery can help restore the vision.



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Botox Treatments and Solutions in Singapore

Botox treatments are an extremely popular solution to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox injections may be a good solution for you if you want to enhance your natural appearance, have fewer wrinkles, or if you wish to treat a specific medical condition. Whatever your needs may be, it is important to do research to make sure you get the best results.

Botox cosmetic is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines. The Botox effects last for three to four months. When Botox is injected into a specific muscle it acts as a muscle relaxant. The botulinum toxins work to block the signals that tell your muscles to contract. Botox can improve the appearance of the forehead, crow’s feet, gummy smile, chin, and the neck. Botulinum toxin type A can also treat migraines, wry neck, lazy eye, excessive sweating, and eye spasms. Botox treatments have been approved in over 75 countries and are used all around the world.

It is important to find a good certified dermatologist. Whether you are interested in Botox for medical or cosmetic purposes, there are several Singapore dermatologists available for your needs. Finding the right dermatologist is not as difficult as it seems. You can search for certified dermatologist and compile a list of Singapore dermatologist and skin clinics in Singapore. Hospitals and clinics generally have a directory of doctors available online. The best way to find a dermatologist is to ask your primary care physician if he or she can refer you to a good dermatologist. They will likely give you a few names and may even provide other useful information.

Botox is an effective solution that is used by people all over the world. Cosmetic procedures are generally not covered under insurance. If you are seeing a dermatologist for medical reasons find out if the facility accepts your health insurance, make sure the dermatologist is certified, and that the office hours accommodate your schedule.

You may ever wonder Can Botox Be Bad For You in the Long Run? Check out this.

A review of the essential facial anatomy for botox treatment of the upper face. The important facial muscles in the three commonly treated areas – crows feet, forehead and the glabella. There is a discussion of the position of the facial nerves and blood vessels near the end of the video clip.

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Early Prevention of Childhood Myopia

Myopia is an eye condition that let’s you see anything close to you very clear but if you should look further ahead of that you are going to see nothing but a blurred vision. The reason myopia happens to some children is because their eye might be slightly longer than the other. This does affect children and adults and the number of people is strongly increasing. Over the past thirty years myopia has increased sixty six percent. It’s not getting any better, if anything it is getting worse.

There are methods of slowing this down or preventing the progression of it but that would be only for the younger child. Myopia treatment is designed to prevent any progression and development and this is going to require eye examinations to start at a young age and continue with yearly exams. No specific treatment is going to work but if you start having eye exams as early in life as six months old then three years of age and then right before grade school, this sort of myopia treatment might prevent any potential benefit from starting early. Eyeglasses or contacts might help as a myopia treatment.

As a child is starting school, he is going to start developing blurred vision. If his parents are myopic, it is most likely that he will be the same. If the child does spend time outside and even if his parents have childhood myopia he is less likely to get this and if the child reads a lot, it is going to be better for him. Nearsightedness is going to progress as the child gets older but you can correct that with eyeglasses and it should stabilize as the child is in his twenties.
Some say that nearsightedness is cause by genetics. If a child does lots of close up work this is going to have an influence on whether or not the child will have a problem with nearsightedness.

When objects in the distance appear blurred this is called short-sightedness. This may happen if the cornea is too curved therefore the eye is not going to focus on any light and go back to the retina. Short-sightedness means that you can see in the distance but not as much as you should be able to. The child can get short-sightedness if they were to get diabetes at a young age. Short-sightedness treatment would be corrective glasses. Others might choose contact lenses for short-sightedness treatment. Surgery is going to be the last short-sightedness treatment you might want to look into.

What is Short sight or Myopia? It remedies

A few years ago they found that if they used a specified eye drop it did slow down the progression of childhood myopia. Now they are studying whether or not shortsightedness control and myopia control will be found. With this type of research the shortsightedness control and the myopia control can take about two or three years. This is still good news and might even help stop childhood myopia. This does look promising but researches are still doing their research but to have short-sightedness control and myopia control almost slowing down is great news for anyone suffering from this.

If a person has high myopia, it can be very damaging and cause retinal detachment that can cause complete blindness because of the stress put on the eye. The symptoms of high myopia are headaches, squinting and eye tiredness when reading and even when driving. Laser eye surgery might be able to help those with high myopia but that can produce another set of problems for the eyes.

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