Psycho-Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight: The Easy Tips Trainers and Nutritionists Don’t Tell You

Anyone who has struggled with their weight can tell you just how difficult it is to get those pounds off. Sure, you must exercise and eat healthy but there’s so much more than that which goes into losing weight. Check out some weight loss tips below that you’ve probably never even thought of:




1. Leave Yourself Motivational Notes

Too many times people who want to lose weight just forget about what they’re supposed to be doing. Whether that is going to the gym after work or hitting up your local weight loss program in Singapore, these are important steps in dropping the unwanted pounds. With these sticky notes, though, they’ll be reminders to do what needs to be done. Also, they’ll serve as the motivation you need to keep going.


You can write inspirational quotes on them and place them in areas that you may be tempted to give up on your weight loss journey like in the kitchen.




2. Buy Flattering Workout Clothes

To stay confident and motivated in this weight loss journey, you need to both look and feel good. In fact, if you have gym clothes that really flatter your body, you are much more likely to keep your regular workout routine. That’s because these clothes are making you feel good about your image.

Also, if you have the money, you should get a full makeover while you’re at it. That’s because building up your confidence now will really help you stay on track here.


3. Put Together a Separate Snack Station

While in an ideal world we would have our kitchens completely stocked up with only healthy foods, that’s certainly not the case in most households. That’s because unless you’re living alone, it’s hard to stop those around you from eating these temptation foods.

7dae79d73149b7e5dd8ca0707d164e79To combat this problem, you should keep a whole separate section in both your fridge and cabinets that is just for you. You should also spend roughly an hour or so every week preparing fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks. This will make it easier to grab these foods and take them with you on-the-go.


4. Reward Yourself

Losing weight is a big deal which is why you should treat yourself right every time you hit a big milestone. For instance, maybe purchase a new handbag every time you lose 5 pounds. Then, for every 10 pounds lost, you can hit up your local spa for a day of pampering.


These are all fun ways to truly reward yourself for a job well done as well as keep yourself motivated to continue working out.


5.Come Up with a “Workout Only” Playlist

Music is often seen as a motivating force and that is especially true when it comes to working out. Running or any other kind of exercise is a time to escape the realities of life and just focus on the task ahead. That’s why to keep yourself from giving up on your weight loss journey, put together a playlist that is only for your workouts.


These need to be songs that pump you up and leave you feeling energized. With these playlists, you will look forward to exercising more knowing that you have new songs coming your way. 


6. Keep Your Swimsuit Out Year Round

Grab your bikini or swimsuit and place it in a spot where you can see it every day. This includes the winter months when you’re covered up in turtleneck sweaters and jeans.

4d94f0f65e5f780565b8a9ebc085b7cdThat’s because those months tend to be when we let ourselves go a bit more than usual. With the swimsuit out in plain sight, you’ll work hard to fit into it so that you’re ready for those days under the sun.