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Benefits Of Tui Na Massage For Pregnant Women

Even though pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it is not exactly the easiest period for a woman to go through. There are so many hormonal and physical changes occurring in your body, not to mention all of the emotions that a woman goes through when getting ready to bring a new life into the world. As the baby grows, it demands more and more from the woman, which can be unpleasant no matter how exciting the idea of motherhood is. Of course, there are various products and practices out there that can help women get through this challenging time more easily – and none is more effective than Tui-Na massage.

Tui Na is a Chinese massage technique that has become increasingly popular as a solution for overcoming all of the troublesome changes that come with pregnancy. Why is it such a highly recommended option? Find out by learning about these five ways that this massage treatment can help.


Promotes stress reduction

There is no doubt that pregnancy can be very stressful. It has also been proven that massage therapy can help relieve stress and promote relaxation. Tui Na is especially effective in relieving stress and relaxing the body and mind. Massage therapy is now considered a staple of prenatal care and it has shown that going in for regular massage therapy can increase the level of hormones that are synonymous with relaxation and improve a pregnant woman’s mood drastically.


Massage for PregnancyImproves blood circulation

When a woman is pregnant, blood circulation can become an increasingly complex process. Blood cells are displaced and scattered through the body due to all of the moving and shifting organs that are making room for the baby. And when blood circulation is made more difficult, it can lead to fluctuating blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. Message therapy such as Tui Na can help to restore order to your blood flow and help you manage your blood pressure more effectively throughout your pregnancy.


Relieves muscle tension

When a woman is pregnant, the body is going through a lot of changes in order to make it possible for her to carry another life within her. The fact that there is a baby inside your body and that you are significantly heavier than you were before being pregnant already guarantees that your muscles are going to be sore and tense all over your body, especially on your back. Massage therapy will help to relax these muscles and relieve the tension and pain that comes from carrying this extra load for nine months.


Decreases swelling and water retention

Tui Na massage helps to stimulate the soft tissues in order to get rid of the fluid that is causing your joints and other parts of your body to swell. It also helps the body’s lymph system in removing tissue waste in order to decrease swelling.


Can help with labor

The techniques that a mother can learn during Tui Na massage therapy can help her to have a safer and less painful labor as well. Many of the breathing techniques and relaxation tips that are used in this form of therapy can be applied to the birthing process in order to ease the pain. Not only that, but Tui Na can be used to induce labor as well.


Thomson Chinese Medicine offers Tuina for Pregnancy

Thomson Chinese Medicine offers Tuina for Pregnancy




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