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Understanding and Avoiding Habits That Cause Skin Aging

Every person’s skin undergoes a natural aging process that follows the hormonal and nutritional patterns of the body. While aging is natural, there is no reason for any person to have to suffer from premature aging. The skin is resilient and does not have to resemble its age. With modern medicine and proper shelter available to most people, there is no reason not to look at least a little younger than the human biological clock would have it.

Many people think premature aging has to do with exposure to chemicals or an urban environment. The truth is that skin aging is as old as the human race, and people in postindustrial times experienced early skin aging quite frequently. Part of this had to do with exposure to sunlight. Europeans have little melanin, which is the pigment in skin that protects it from ultraviolet radiation. Anyone who works outside risk premature aging.

To that end, it is critical to wear protection such as a hat and sunscreen. Some jobs are still performed in the sunshine, and the good news is that the skin is benefited by some solar radiation. The key is to limit intense exposure that could damage skin cells and result in excessive repairing that is associated with fatigued skin. Many cultures traditionally favored wide brimmed hats, and there is no reason not to adopt their wisdom.


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An urban environment can cause skin aging through stress and exposure to pollutants. It is pad for the body to ingest poisons of any type, because it strains the liver and ties down the excretory system from eliminating the body’s own natural waste. Any poison can cause premature aging by increasing blood toxicity and forcing cells to sit in their own excretions. For this reason, anything that bogs down the liver can cause skin degradation, including illegal drugs and even alcohol. Smoking is harmful because it introduces hundreds of poisons with every puff.

The good news is that premature aging can be halted and even reversed. The important first step is to remove the issues that cause poor skin health. This could mean better outdoor protection, wearing a filter mask during heavy fog, and giving up drugs and bad food. A good diet introduces more healing nutrients than all the external vitamin creams in the world.




For heavy damage that cannot be repaired by changing personal habits, it is worth trying to get advice from trusted medical aesthetic practitioners. This means using several numbing agents for cosmetic reasons, as it forces small groups of muscles in the face to relax. While aging occurs all over the body, the majority of people wish to spare their face from aging. It is what humans spend the most time looking at when interacting.

Botox and other anesthetics reduce the appearance of wrinkling because muscles do not twitch according to every muscle. Small muscles in the skin are also relaxed, causing an enormous relief of apparent tension. Anesthetics improve the cosmetic appearance of skin, but also give time for wrinkles to face. If creases are not reinforced, they gradually start to diminish.

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