The Complete Skin Care Guide for Asian Men

Asian skin is unique. It is more sensitive than other ethnicities, scars more easily, is prone to dark spots andhyperpigmentation, and loses moisture easily. Although most women are conscious about their skin care regimes, Asian males must pay attention to the products they use as well. If you are a man of Asian descent who wants great skin, here is a complete guide that includes tips and advice specifically designed for this group.


Tend to Enlarged Pores

Asian skin is known to have enlarged pores, which often become clogged. When this occurs, skin looks rough. To remedy the situation, you should use a men’s facial wash that lifts grime and restores skin’s natural oil balance. You should exfoliate each day as well.



Prevent and Eliminate Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

With age, Asian skin is known to develop dark spots. To prevent this problem, it is smart to wear sunscreen each day.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by the extra production of melanin. Since Asian skin has more melanin than Caucasian skin, hyperpigmentation occurs frequently. To eliminate the issue, you should use a product that safely lightens the dark areas and evens overall tone.



Ease Sensitive Skin After Shaving

Most Asian men have sensitive skin that becomes easily irritated after shaving with a straight razor. If you suffer from redness, you want something that soothes your face. It is wise to use a gentle and fragrance-free after shave balm so that pH balance is maintained. Breakouts will be kept to a minimum as well.

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Avoid Dry Skin

If you are like most Asian men, you often find your face feeling dry. Certain studies have shown Transepidermal Water Loss Values are highest in Asians. This represents the amount of water lost through the skin during normal conditions. To keep moisture at an adequate level, hydration is key. For this reason, using a moisturizer for men in Singapore is extremely common.


Be Good to Your Hair

Asian hair is usually straight and thick, so oil from your scalp travels quickly. To combat this problem, you should use a men’s shampoo that is light and contains natural ingredients. Items like fruit acids, sage, and rosemary make good astringents that fight oily hair. If your hair is extremely greasy, you should completely skip the conditioner.

Both men and women must follow a proper skin care routine to maintain a pleasing appearance. The above items should be part of your arsenal of products that are used to keep your Asian skin looking and feeling refreshed.