The Possibility of Nose Fillers Gone Wrong

Everyone runs the race to look and feel beautiful at some time or other. There’s little wonder. The face is often the first thing that people see when looking at others. People are overwhelmed with information and opinions on what a beautiful or handsome face can accomplish in life. They read endless articles and discussions about how a beautiful face can enhance career possibilities, improve one’s social life, and even improve the chances of finding the right mate. Some reports may be true while others are manufactured to sell an article headline.



When Fillers Go Bad

A filler injection can go wrong if administered by the wrong person or if a person is prone to adverse body effects. In the U.S., six types of cosmetic fillers are approved, and these are by prescription.


Britain seems to be a little more forgiving, as 100 types of fillers are available for use and can be injected by anyone without a prescription. As a result, health issues such as blindness, herpes, facial collapse and blue-tinged flesh have occurred. One could easily say it’s not a pretty thing.


Proceed with Caution

Dermatologists or plastic surgeons are the best sources to let you know if you’re a candidate for a nose filler. If approved, the filler can soften the appearance of minor dents, bumps and humps. The procedure will take around 30 minutes, depending on the amount of filling that’s needed. There may be a little discomfort, swelling or redness. Your doctor is the best source for walking you through the procedure and what to expect. Surgeons train in the knowledge and application of nose fillers.

Nose fillers from a certified surgeon are both the safe and practical route. The truth is that your health and well-being are at risk when allowing a non-certified practitioner to perform the procedure. Looking beautiful is a favorite pastime for millions of people. As a result, people are more than willing to improve their looks by any means possible. Even so, what could be more important than your health?