Tips by Yun Nam Haircare : What You Can Do Today To Keep Your Hair Healthy

People notice when you have healthy hair that moves naturally and has a rich appearance. Maintaining healthy hair is not always easy. You could be making any number of mistakes that harm the way your hair looks. You can do something about this. You can take several steps today to keep your hair healthy, as advised by Yun Nam Haircare:


Always Use Conditioner

The first thing to do is always use an appropriate conditioner when washing your hair. Choose a conditioner that matches the type of hair you have. Apply it after shampooing and give it a minute to work properly. Conditioners help to protect your hair during the day and provide essential nutrients.


Blow-hair with low heat setting

Avoid directly heat to your hair because it can damage the basic structure of your hair.


Keep Hair Dryer Settings Low

Keep your hair dryer set to low or turn the heat off completely. Hot air from a hair dryer can damage the basic structure of your hair especially when it is wet. This will lead to dry and brittle hair that could break, fall out or develop split ends. The solution is to avoid the highest settings at all times.


Super Soft Hair Brush

Use soft bristled brushes instead of rigid plastic teeth to avoid damaging your hair for maximum protection.


Use Soft Bristled Brushes

Use a brush that has soft bristles on your hair. Stay away from brushes with rigid plastic teeth. These types of brushes can actually damage your hair or cause split ends to appear. Your best option is to get a soft natural-hair brush for maximum protection.



Condition the tips of your hair gently will make the hair difficult for split ends to form.


Condition the Tips of Your Hair

You want to specially condition the tips of your hair after a bath or shower. This means applying dabs of conditioner directly to the bottom inch of your hair. Gently rub it in and let it sit before washing it out. Conditioning this part of your hair will make it more difficult for split ends to form.


Protein, Iron and Vitamins

Consume more protein, iron and vitamins is essential for healthy hair.


Eat More Protein, Iron and Vitamins

What you eat actually affects the health of your hair. Be certain you are getting enough iron since this is essential for healthy hair. The same is true of protein. Try to eat lean proteins like salmon a few times a week to get the maximum benefit. You might also want to take multivitamin supplements that contain extra vitamin D and iron.


Use Harsh Styling Products Sparingly

A final step is to use harsh styling products sparingly. These are products like straighteners, hair dyes and heat-based at-home treatments. All of these products can slowly damage all your hair over time leaving it with a flat and dead appearance. Avoid them whenever possible for healthy hair.